Revolutionary Kyiv -the Euromaidan, Kyiv downtown, the National Museum of the History of World War II

This tour will take you to the places of Kyiv where modern Ukrainian history was made. Streets, squares, and administrative and public buildings they are all the silent witnesses to the Ukrainians struggle for the right to be called a people, not just a territory. We will walk around the centre of Kyiv, which became the scene of bloody confrontation between the people and the criminal authorities. You will have the opportunity to turn the bright pages of the contemporary history of Ukraine, a country that has clearly indicated its aspiration to European values. You will also learn about the history and unique architecture of the ancient city, see monuments to famous people, and walk through the beautiful Mariinsky Park, which offers stunning views of the Dnipro hills. If you have never seen a statue of enamoured street lights or of a city swindler, youll get a chance to see them in Kyiv. Finally, we will visit the Museum of the History of Ukraine in World War II, where you will learn about the tragic events of the bloodiest war in human history.