Sacred Kyiv - cathedrals and churches of Kievan Rus

Sacred Kyiv. Visit the most notable churches and sacred places of ancient Kyiv. Discover the sanctities of the Ukrainian capital; admire the magnificence and splendor of millennial churches and cathedrals. After all, they are not just shrines for prayer; they guard the secrets of ancient times. Medieval frescoes and graffiti, masterpieces by famous artists and churches having risen from the ashes, will guide you through Kyivs spiritual history. Experience Orthodox and Catholic churches and cathedrals; come in contact with the relic of world-famous saints like St. Barbara. Admire the brilliant frescoes painted on cathedral walls by Mikhail Vrubel and Viktor Vasnetsov. The highlight of the tour is Kyivs oldest surviving church from the 11th century, St. Sophias Cathedral. This is a true sanctity in the city and the country. Original mosaics and frescoes have been preserved on its walls, paintings that would be difficult to replicate even in our time. Inside the dome, the Virgin Orans extends her arms in prayer. It is believed that as long as the Queen of Heaven stands, Kyiv will stand. Find out about the great princes Volodymyr the Fair Sun and Yaroslav the Wise. We will tell you about the great Prince Vladimir the Red Sun and Yaroslav the Wise, and why behind every successful prince you need to look for a woman. Uncover the secrets of the official chroniclers of the most famous Pope of all. All this and more awaits you on this tour at the heart of sacral Kyiv. Come along for the Sacral Kyiv tour if you want to find out how Kyiv has come to be both a city of churches and witches, and who the heavenly protector of Ukraines capital is, if you want to take a stroll through the picturesque grounds of an ancient monastery on the hills of the Dnieper.