Ancient Kyiv - 1,000 B.C., the cultures and people who inhabited the territory of ancient Ukraine

We invite you on a tour around a legendary ancient city. A city of churches and witches, a place where, according to ancient tales, the World Serpents head bites its own tail. During our tour, you will learn many interesting things about the thousand-year history of Kiev, feel the breath of the ages famous for their legendary rulers and glorious warriors, generous patrons and outstanding masters. You will be able to gain a glimpse at stories of love and hate, victory and disgrace, loyalty and betrayal, ambitions and patriotism. Ahead of you lies the beautiful and mysterious corners of ancient Kiev, admired by artists and poets. We will show you the city that was burnt and rebuilt, conquered with heavy losses, and defended to the last drop of blood. You will be able to walk the streets where outstanding artists and writers were walking and creating. You can make a wish in locations where its bound to come true, and take pictures of the unique monuments and to admire spectacular views from the hills of Kiev.